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Monday, August 17, 2009

Final 3D Rendersf

This shape was created from a pattern that showed off the flowing and repeated curves of a random pattern - along the lines of wood patterns. I have used the same colours in my render as what was in my final version of it in 2D form to help link it back to its original design.

This is my symmetrical design, I based it on a heart shape with positive and negative space.
The shape was made by just creating a single heart in sketchup and adding depth to it, then I created some bar shapes inside the heart and removed depth from them to create negative space, the shape was then copied and flipped to make it symmetrical.
This is my rhythm render, which has been based on the flow of bubbles and the different scales that they can have.
This render follows the proportions of a leaf pattern which I created. The diamonds still are able to retain the "leaf" like look.

My heirachy render has been based on a dominant dragon, with smaller, lesser ones surrounding it.
Figure Ground:
Figure-ground has been based on a sakura/cherryblossom flower idea.
My datum design is a direct render of my 2D drawing transfered into a 3D shape.
In my contrast design I have used positive and negative space along with contrast of black and white to show off my idea.
Composition has been based on flowers and their placement in a 3D world.
My asymmetric design still retains similarities to the original 2D sketch, but it has also developed into a form of its own. In some way it has transformed into some sort of vehicle.